Rich Fagan on The Music Row Show

Woke up thinking about Richard Fagan and a conversation I’ve had with friends on several occasions these past few weeks:  one of the biggest losses on Music Row over the past few decades (in my opinion) is the characters. The couple of one-way streets that make up the Row used to be full of them. It was also one of the few places on earth where they were embraced, accepted and yes, even PAID to let their freak flag fly. These characters were also the artist savants who drove this town… fed this town.

There are still a few of these colorful, brilliant, wild and wonderful creators in town, but they are not as welcome on those same, now sterilized one-way streets. They are the voices still shouting truths into the wind, but if there’s no drum loop, then no thanks.

They’re why we’re here

We owe every bit of this crazy, wonderful industry to the characters, the misfits, the trouble makers and rabble rousers. I hope they are welcomed again with open arms someday when we tire of perfect teeth, backwards baseball caps and 30 inch waists in skinny jeans.
But until then, I share this to honor one of Nashville’s characters. He’s making his way home right now. He’s written many of the hit songs you sing at the top of your lungs in your car, and he’s written some absolutely beautiful songs that would make your heart swell and burst, but you may never hear on the radio.
But I woke up this morning feeling like sharing this little gem with you.

WARNING! Not for the kiddies.

All love and light Rich. Thanks for everything!